The Indian Army has always been a coveted career for young, energetic individuals who desire to serve their country. However, there has always been a shortage of deserving candidates for this career path. If you feel that you are made for your country and not the other way around, and if you want to join a passion rather than a profession, then a career as an Army Officer might be the right choice for you. However, if you are looking for a more lucrative career path, you may want to consider other options.

Despite the challenges and risks, there is no shortage of young individuals in India who are eager to join the Army and serve their country. Joining the Indian Army is highly competitive, with many candidates vying for a limited number of spots. Those who are passionate about serving in the Army know that they are signing up for a life of sacrifice and dedication. They understand that they may be required to put themselves in harm’s way to protect their country, and they are prepared to do so without hesitation.

The Indian Army is one of the few volunteer armies in the world, which speaks to the passion and dedication of those who choose to serve. While there is currently a shortage of nearly 11,000 officers, this does not mean that the next generation has lost its interest in serving. Rather, it underscores the fact that the Indian Army never compromises on quality. While quantity may be lacking at times, the quality of those who do serve is never in question.

To join the Indian Army, one must be the best of the best. It takes confidence, courage, determination, and grit to uphold the aspirations of an entire country. If you possess these qualities, you are welcome to apply to the Indian Army training institute, where your skills will be honed to help you lead the nation from the front. As an Army Officer, you will be part of a proud tradition of service and sacrifice, and you will have the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of your fellow citizens.


Indian Army Officer Eligibility

To become an Indian Army Officer you can avail one of the following Opportunities.

No.1. Through National Defense Academy  Exam (NDA)

Eligibility Criteria

To join the NDA you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Educational Qualification
    To be eligible for joining NDA you should be passed/appeared 10+2 in any stream
  • Age Limits
    16-1/2 to 19 years
  • Nationality
  • Gender
    Only male candidates can join the services through NDA
  • Physical Standards
    General physical requirements are common for all candidates.

    • You must be in good physical and mental health and free from any disease/ disability, which is likely to interfere with the efficient performance of duties. There should be no evidence of a weak constitution, bodily defects, or being overweight.
    • The height and weight standards for men and women differ.
    • Your chest should be well developed. The minimum range of expansion after full inspiration should be 5 cm.
    • There should be no disease of the bones and joints of the body.
    • You should be free of any past history of mental breakdown or fits.
    • Your hearing should be normal without any evidence of present or past disease of the ear, nose, and throat.
    • There should be no sign of functional or organic disease of the heart and blood vessels. Your blood pressure should also be normal.
    • The muscles of the abdomen should be well developed without any enlargement of the liver or spleen. Any evidence of disease in the internal organs of the abdomen can be a cause for rejection.
    • An unoperated hernia can make you unfit for selection. If operated on, this should have been done at least six months prior to the present examination and healing should be complete without any potential for recurrence.
    • There should be no hydrocele, varicocele, or piles. If operated for hydromel and/or varicocele, this should have been done at least six months prior to the present examination and healing should be complete without any recurrence.
    • A urine examination will be done and any abnormality, if detected, can be a cause for rejection.
    • Any disease of the skin, which is likely to cause disability or disfigurement, will also be a cause for rejection.
    • Vision will be tested. You must have good binocular vision. In case you have undergone or are detected to have undergone Radial Keratotomy, or any other procedure to improve visual acuity, you will be permanently rejected.
    • You should have a sufficient number of natural and sound teeth. A minimum of 14 dental points will be acceptable. When 32 teeth are present, the total dental points are 22. You should not be suffering from severe pyorrhea.
No.2. Through the Combined Defense Services Exam (CDSE)

Eligibility Criteria

To join threw CDSE you need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Educational Qualification
    Graduation in any discipline from a recognized university and equivalent.
  • Age Limits
    19 to 24 years
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
No.3. Engineering Graduates

Eligibility Criteria

An Engineering graduate can join the Indian Military Academy directly. They only need to attend the Service Selection Board interview

  • Educational Qualification
    Graduation in Engineering from a recognized university and equivalent.
  • Age Limits
    20 to 27 Years
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status
No.4. University Entry Scheme

Eligibility Conditions

Students of Final and pre-final years of engineering degree courses can also apply to the Indian Army as an officer. They are eligible for induction into technical branches/services of the army as commissioned officers under the University Entry Scheme.

  • Educational Qualification
    Final or Pre-Final year of Engineering from a recognized university and equivalent.
  • Age Limits
    19 to 25 years and 18 to 24 Years for Final and Pre- Final year of Engineering
  • Nationality
  • Marital Status

How to become an Indian Army Officer?

Becoming an Army Officer is a dream career for many young and energetic individuals who are passionate about serving their country. If you aspire to give more to your country than what you desire for yourself and consider yourself made for your country, then a career in the Army may be perfect for you. To become an Army Officer, you need to follow certain steps.

Step 1: Scrutiny of Applications

Firstly, you need to send your application to the UPSC for eligibility scrutiny. After scrutiny, if you are found eligible, you will receive a call letter with further instructions. To join the Army Wing of defense forces through NDA or CDSE, you need to apply to UPSC, New Delhi. The UPSC conducts a written test twice a year in April and August for NDA and in April and September for CDSE. Qualifying in these exams takes you to step two.

Step 2: Testing Officer-Like Qualities

After successfully clearing step 1, you will receive a call letter to report to one of the Army Selection Boards located at Bhopal, Allahabad, or Bengaluru. At the Army Selection Boards, you will undergo a series of psychological tests, an interview, and group activities, collectively called the Officer Like Qualities (OLQ) Tests. These tests are designed to assess your potential and suitability as an officer in the Armed Forces. The OLQ Tests include psychological tests, group tests, and an interview, which are conducted over a period of five days.

Step 3: Conducting Medical Examinations

If you are found suitable by the Selection Board, you will be sent for a thorough medical examination.

Step 4: Preparing All India Merit List

An All India Merit List is compiled based on your performance at the Army Selection Board and medical fitness. Based on the vacancies available, Army HQ will issue joining instructions to join Army Academy for training.

Indian Army Officers’ Career Prospects

Once inducted into the Army as a Lieutenant, you can progress to higher positions based on your ability and experience. With dedication and hard work, you can achieve success in your Army career and make a significant contribution to the defense of your country.


Army Officer Ranks

  • Lieutenant
  • Caption
  • Major
  • Lt. Colonel
  • Colonel
  • Brigadier
  • Major General
  • Lt. General
  • General (Chief of the Army Staff) The topmost post in the Indian Army.


Indian Army Officer Pay Scale/Salary

RankPay BandGrade PayMilitary Pay
Lt. Colonel37400-6700087006000
Major General37400-6700010000Nil
Lt General37400-6700012000Nil
General80000 (Fixed)
Chief of Staff90000

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