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Career Options After 12th

 Students who have completed their 12th grade education can pursue careers in the arts, business, science, management, information technology, and other fields. The aforementioned educational backgrounds offer some excellent academic options that have helped students in the past gain the knowledge necessary to increase their chances of finding lucrative career options.If candidates want to raise their academic standing in order to better position themselves for the job market, they can select from any of the degree, diploma, and certificate programmes. Following high school, candidates from any stream can pursue careers in BCA, BA, BBA, animation, hotel management, and more.

 The aforementioned courses can be found and taken at recognised Indian universities and institutions. For courses beyond the 12th grade, the annual cost ranges from INR 6,000 to INR 25,000.

 After high school, it may be difficult to find a stable job. Their work should be rewarding and enjoyable for them. Students study Science, Commerce, and/or Humanities in the 12th grade, depending on the fields of employment they are most interested in.

 It is crucial to conduct a thorough investigation into post-secondary employment opportunities in their fields that are related to their interests. It may be challenging for many students who have just completed or are about to complete their 12th grade to select the best career path. Many students struggle to find employment or integrate themselves into society because they are unsure of what to do after the 12th grade.


Career Options After 12th: Commerce

 After completing their 12th year of commerce, students have a variety of lucrative career options. Students who are knowledgeable about ideas like investments, stocks, and securities may find employment in commerce after they graduate from high school. After graduating from high school, there are numerous options in the field of commerce, including banking, finance, and insurance.

Students who study business have access to well-paying job opportunities. After completing their 12th grade in commerce, students can continue their education in UG programmes like BBA, BCom, and BA Economics or move on to PG programmes like MBA, MIM, MIS, and PGDM. The highest-paying positions are available for students in multidisciplinary programmes like a B.Com. or BBA to integrated law. Listed below are some of the much more typical jobs in business. The starting pay scales for commerce students with math after 12th grade range from INR 7 LPA to 20LPA.


Career Options After 12th: Science

 Medical school and engineering are popular careers after the 12th grade, but there are other options. Biologists can pursue a variety of academic specialisations, including MBBS, BDS, optometry, pharmacy, forensic science, microbiology, and more. Degrees in B.Tech, B.E, B.Arch, Aeronautics, etc. are available to students at PCM.

 A career is all about the profile you want to pursue once your academic career is over. You will encounter numerous suggestions and ideas along the way that give you a variety of course options.

 Some of the degrees and diploma programmes currently offered to 12th pass students for skill development and career advancement include BA, B.COM, B.Sc., BJMC, BBA, BPharma, and diploma programmes in photography, digital marketing, and civil engineering.

 Science is among the most well-liked academic disciplines in India. Since science is one of the most lucrative and well-paid fields in India, many students decide to major in it.


Career Options After 12th: Arts

 The majority of people in our culture think that only weak students choose the arts as a career after the 12th grade. Following high school, there are numerous employment opportunities and courses available for arts students. Based on their interests, students can choose the best course.

 Students with an arts background have a variety of career options after the 12th grade. Following are some notable career options for those with a 12th-grade arts degree:

     Business Man



     Fashion Designer

     Drawing Teacher


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